Exeter Jailbreak is Back!




Exeter Jailbreak is back and better than ever! This year we’ve decided to give you 36 hours to get as far away from Exeter, spending none of your own money, all in the aid of our nominated charities: Exeter Student Volunteers, Exeter Leukaemia Fund and St Loye’s Foundation. We’re also allowing female only teams this year too! Last year we had a record number of teams taking part making it further than ever before and reaching Cyprus, Turkey, Spain and Greece! This year we have even greater expectations and the question is, can you be the first Exetonians to make it out of the continent?

WHEN: 10:30am on Friday 26th February till 10:30pm on Saturday 27th February

HOW: The Jailbreak sign up link will go live on Thursday 4th February – make sure to join the event on Facebook to be notified when the link goes live!

How much does it cost to sign up? : Sign ups will be £20 – this includes your travel insurance, tracking, t-shirt, foam finger, disposable camera and support back in Exeter. You will also have a fundraising target of £100 to be completed by Saturday 26th March.

If you want to ensure your spot then make sure to attend our Jailbreak Launch Party on Monday 1st February- (tickets cost £5 including entry to our Launch party at 9pm at John Gandy’s, followed by Unit 1 at 11pm – you can buy tickets here) – this will give you exclusive access to the early bird Jailbreak tickets on Tuesday 2nd February for 48 hours! Make sure you don’t miss out! 

If you have any questions make sure to check out the FAQ’s page And if you have any further questions then email hoh201@exeter.ac.uk.




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