What is Jailbreak?

Jailbreak is a hitchhiking challenge run by Exeter RAG. We give you 36 hours to travel as far away from Exeter as you can without spending any money on travel!


When is Jailbreak?

This year Jailbreak will take place on Friday 2nd March 2018 at 10am till Saturday 3rd March 2018 at 10pm. 


Why should I take part?

If you’re looking to raise money for some incredible charities, escape Exeter for a weekend, or go on a spontaneous adventure then Jailbreak is for you!


How do I sign up?

Sign ups will open on Monday 19th February and you’ll be able to sign up via the Guild Website. If you attend the Jailbreak Launch Party we will give you exclusive access to sign ups 48 hours before everyone else from Friday 16th February at Midnight!


When is the Launch Party and how much are tickets?

Our Launch Party (Sketch X Jailbreak) will take place on Friday 16th at Timepiece. 


How much does it cost to sign up and what does it include? 

The sign up fee for Jailbreak is £25 per person and includes your t-shirt, tracking system, disposable camera, foam finger, worldwide travel insurance and support back in Exeter.


How much should I try to raise?

Your suggested fundraising target is £100 but don’t worry if you don’t reach that, you can still take part! It’s up to you whether you choose to fundraise individually or collectively as a team.


Where does the money I’ve raised go?

Your fundraising will go to RAG’s three incredible nominated charities for 2017/18 – Teenage Cancer Trust, Devon Rape Crisis and Exeter Student Volunteers.


Is hitchhiking safe?

As with any hitchhiking, there is an element of risk. However, back in Exeter we will have an HQ monitoring your whereabouts for the entire duration of the event via our tracking system. You will also be given a set of guidelines to keep you safe on the road. As long as you follow these guidelines and check in to the tracking system regularly, we are confident this is the safest way for you to hitchhike.


Where have students got to before?

Last year’s winners made it all the way to New York and in previous years we’ve had teams get to Tenerife and Cyprus. Other recent Jailbreaks have made it all the way to America and Australia!


How do I get home?

After the 36 hours, it’s up to you whether you decide to stay in the location you reach or head straight back to Exeter. You will also be responsible for arranging and funding your return travel. In previous years, teams have chosen to hitchhike or grab a cheap coach or train ticket. If you’re lucky enough to get a flight during the hitchhike we recommend you only accept if a return flight is offered.


What do I need?

You must be a member of the University of Exeter’s Students’ Guild, be over the age of 18 and posses a valid passport and EHIC card. A full recommended kit list will be provided after you have signed up!


How many people per team?

Each team must consist of two or three people. Please do not sign up until you have your team sorted.

Can there be a female only team?

Yes! There is no evidence to suggest that a female team is significantly more at risk than a mixed team so we are allowing them this year!


Does it matter if I’m not an UK/EU student?

Visas for non-UK/EU students can be very restricted, so please check the details before you sign up. As it is impossible to know which country you might end up in, we recommend that anyone with limited visas team up and run a UK-restricted jailbreak – remember that the north of Scotland is further than Southern France!

If you have any questions please email aandv@exeterguild.com! 


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