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Dover, UK

(342.982 km)

Team An and Chlo are aborting our mission having been in Dover for 14 hour with no sleeping and no such luck hitchiking managed to blag our last free coach back to London where we plan to have a boozy night and visit the family before heading back to Exeter tomorrow
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Victoria Station, London

(252.236 km)

Heading to London Victoria to get a coach to Paris!
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Paris, France

(470.817 km)

In Paris now might try and get a bus out or accept our luck and get a hostel with Leg Soc
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Bucharest, Romania

(2313.982 km)

Bagged tickets for Staua Fuck knows what to expect but should be sick – time for £1 in a garden shed
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Manchester, UK

(320.066 km)

In Manchester

Are we there yet?

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(2641.652 km)

We have landed in Fuerteventura airport! Cocktails on the beach less than an hour away
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Maspalomas, Gran Canaria

(2750.589 km)

Exe Kongvicts final check in we’re in Maspalomas and this is our final destination
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Aberdeen, UK

(721.821 km)

Final location Aberdeen
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Budapest, Hungary


Our flight W62204, leaves at nine local time, 8pm English – will land at 9.55 English time so no talky talky until then
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Budapest, Hungary


Landed in Budapest!
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Valencia, Spain


Found air B and B we can stay the night in Valencia with a couple of medical students, no plans to move further tonight x
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Gran Canaria


Just looking for a bus to get us to las palmas for the night
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Copenhagen, Denmark

(1203.414 km)

Can’t find wifi but having a beer and prosecco in a cool bar
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Manhattan, New York

(5369.094 km)

Just about to jump on the metro to Manhattan which takes about an hour or so, will let you know once we are in the city! Hope you’re all doing okay back at HQ not long now!
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Paris, France

(470.895 km)

Thinking of staying in Paris! seems hard to get out of and is an exciting place to spend a couple of nights!
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Malmo, Sweden

(1387.092 km)

Successfully in Malmo
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Calais, France

(379.489 km)

just arrived in France, gonna chill for a bit then head back to dover
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Paris, France

(470.817 km)

Thinking about getting a flight to Milan!
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(2752.651 km)

We are staying in a hotel in Tenerife and aren’t travelling any further. It’s Tryp Hotel in Los Cristianos!
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(2555.317 km)

The Schmusis screen-shot-2016-12-19-at-13-53-01  Donate here


(694.419 km)

Just got to Luxembourg!
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Kassel, Germany

(913.686 km)

Final destination is Kassel. Got a room for the night and will organise getting back tomorrow
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Larnaca Cyprus


Landed in Cyprus
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Rouen, France

(360.033 km)

Staying in Rouen for the night.
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Eindhoven, Netherlands

(634.916 km)

Made it to Amsterdam!!
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Brussels, Belgium

(556.085 km)

We are sat in a cafe called drug opera which is making us happier than it should
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Heathrow, London

(231.415 km)

London is our final location lol, got no sleep and so tired.
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Copenhagen, Denmark

(1203.414 km)

Final destination, flying back at 11pm
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Larnaca, Cyprus

(3458.430 km)

Landed in Cyprus.
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Maidstone, UK

(290.824 km)

BRB just protesting to save the NHS
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Maidstone, UK

(290.824 km)

We’ve given up on leaving and so we’re just having fun around london. went to a gyoza bar and now we’re watching fantastic beasts and where to find them in leicester square.
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Central London, UK

(253.698 km)

We wouldn’t have been able to make it to Paris until after jailbreak had ended. With no other options we have decided to head home 😦
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Los Cristianos, Tenerife

(2756.886 km)

Hey, just to update the map, as has other groups, we’re in the Los Cristianos area
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Park Kepa Potocka, Poland

(1699.307 km)

Exhausted all options in Poland. Travelled final leg on foot. Catching last train back to airport now, as we fly out tomorrow morning. Final location is Park Kepa Potocka just north of Warsaw
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Cairngorms, UK

(707.348 km)

Managed to reach Dalwhiney, had to stop due to heavy snow which was getting dangerous. We are going to be picked up by friends who are not too far away and crash there this evening before heading back to Edinburgh before tomorrow morning. Train back to Exe, give me a breakout.
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Los Cristianos, Tenerife

(2756.886 km)

Staying in a hostel in Los Cristianos until Tuesday
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Barcelona, Spain

 (1127.429 km)

Arrived in Barcelona
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(2555.317 km)

Hello from Lanzarote
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Edinburgh, Scotland

(582.859 km)

We have reached our final destination
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Maastricht, Netherlands

(648.992 km)

We’re now getting off the train in Eindhoven. We will stop here and get a bus back to London. Our furthest location was Maastricht
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Bordeaux, France

(690.905 km)

Arrived in Bordeaux
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Tenerife South Airport

(2752.651 km)

London Luton to Tenerife South. Departing 12.35.
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Geneva Airport, Switzerland

(867.951 km)

Final destination Geneva
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Prague, Czech Republic


Hi Team! How are you? A team in NEW YORK?! Whaaaaat! That’s so cool! Big up Exe Jailbreak 2017. We’ve just crossed border to Czech Republic going to Prague.
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Sofia, Bulgaria

(611.235 km)

We want to check on our furthest destination as Sofia in Bulgaria but we’re arriving back in Birmingham hoping to be back by 10.30.
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Barcelona, Spain


Arrived in Barcelona
Aleeis screen-shot-2016-12-19-at-15-26-38  Donate here

Manchester, UK

(320.066 km)

Hiya, just wanted to let you know we’re endeding in Manchester and heading back to uni at 12:07. Really enjoyed the experience and good luck to the other teams!
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Ayia Napa, Cyprus

(3475.883 km)

At the Vic pub in Ayia Napa
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(2555.317 km)

Settled in a nice apartment close to the beach; hanging here until Monday.
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Larnaca, Cyprus

(3456.185 km)

You may put our final destination as Lanarca as we have arrived! Gonna go treat ourselves to a welcome drink then hit the beach tomorrow.
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Paris, France

(470.817 km)

Journey has come to an end staying in Paris, bye HQ it’s been an amazing jailbreak
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(2641.652 km)

What an adventure! Who knew you could get a free holiday whilst raising loads of money for charity at the same time? An amazing experience that there’s no way we can forget! Thanks for everyone’s support.
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Amsterdam, Netherlands

(611.235 km)

In amsterdam at last, staying here
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